The basic knowledge of pneumatic tools :

1.   It is always based on 90 psi to operate air tools.

2.   Air hore don't exceed 5 meters.

3.   Don't use orange curve air hore for air supplying that will make air

      isn't enough.  

4.   Quick coupler threads wraps around tape seals.

5.   To add F.R.L. combination to get rid of water , oil  and know air


6.   It had better add a dry machine at compressor area to get rid of


7.   Oil daily before and after operating. 

8.   Tools' life will be short if operate overload or overtime.

9.   The lubricated oil is SAE#10 or machine oil.

10. Don't random throw tools to ground to avoid broken tools.   

11. Don't wear loosing clothes to operate tools to prevent clothes from 

      getting caught in the tool.

12. It always wear ear protecting , eye protecting and glovers to opearte


13. The working environment would be clean. 

14. The mechanism of tool would check and add grease or oil every half

      an year. 

15. To sale tools to customers. It need to open tools to check , clean and

      lubricate tools again if tools stock too long time.   

16. You need to loosen quick connector when you don't operate tool.  

17. To put tools on saving areas and away from children after working. 

18. The correct connecting is as fig. 1.