HL-206D Ampoule / Vial Horizontal Labeling Machine


Main machine and speed :
    Main machine with webfeed and collection table.
    Speed : Max 200-300 bottles/min (It also can be 500
    pcs/per minute. We can be according your request
    to design, but depend on your products.)
Printing :
    Ink-Jet printer ( For alphanumeric printing only.)
Bottle Rejection System :
    CCD visual system for print quality check.
    1.Canada Dalsa (alphanumeric only)
    2.For preprint 2D data matrix check (same code for one
Must include industrial computer system
Missing label sensor
Rejecting system
System :
   1.CFR21 PART 11
   2.3Q document
Specification :
1.Machine dimension : 2420 x 1250 x 1620mm(LxWxH)
2.Labeling speed : 200-300bottles/min , (300bpm based on
   2ml ampoule)
3.Labeling precision : ±0.5mm (if bottle andlabel is
4.Label range : Length: 15-95mm ,Height:15-80mm
5.Product range: Ampoule1,2,5,10ml, Vial 2R 6R
6.Vial bottle range : Diameter: 10-22m Label , Height:20-
   90mm Cap cannot be bigger than bottle size
7.Air pressure : >5kg/cm2
8.Power consumption: 220V single phase/2.4KW
High speed labeler video :