Multifunction labeler HL-500H


Features :
1. PLC and man-machine interface control system operation
    is simple and easy to understand.
2. Synchronous linkage guide mechanism design makes the
    labeling accuracy better.
3. The labeling height and angle can be fine-tuned to make
    the labeling more smooth.
4. Conveyor belt speed and output labeling speed can be
    adjusted according to requirements
5. With automatic bottle separating mechanism, the
    distance between bottles and cans is fixed and the
    labeling accuracy is high.
6. Labeling speed is synchronized with conveyor belt.
7. Power spacer separates containers into fixed space.
8. The body, base and other mechanisms are all made of
    high-grade stainless steel SUS304 and special
    hardened aluminum alloy, durable and easy to maintain.

It is used for various product operations and stick labels on
flat, round and both sides at the same time.
1. Round bottle  
2. Oval bottle : Single side or two sides (Middle bottle)   
3. Square bottle : Single side or two sides(Third one)              
Applicable :
Such as : Milk, Soy sauce, Yogurt, Soy milk, Detergent,
Health food, Pharmaceuticals, Bottles, Cosmetic industries
labeling requirements, etc.
Specification :
1. Standard label : High - below than 150 mm
2. Memory capacity up to 20 sets.
3. Voltage : AC 110 / 220V , 50 / 60 Hz 
4. Dimensions L x W x H : 3202 x 1880 x 1570 mm